Problem-Solving Workshop: A New Legal Framework for Military Contractors? Part II

Follow-up workshop

Fri, 01/11/2008
By invitation only
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By Invitation Only

The present structure of the military anticipates that there will be many private contractors on the battlefield along with soldiers. But while the military is subject to clear discipline, legal regulation and command authority, contractors are covered by widely varying standards, laws and practices. In this series of Princeton Problem-Solving Workshops, we are exploring the legal regulation of military contractors with the aim of ensuring a coherent and accountability military presence for fighting the country's wars.

In its first workshop held in June 2007, a group with representatives from the uniformed military, civilian Department of Defense, the contractor community, and various involved governmental offices met with academic experts to discuss contractor accountability issues. The "sense of the meeting" report can be found here.

The January 2008 session will pick up where that discussion left off, focusing particularly on criteria to define inherent government functions, and best practices to govern contracting management functions.

This non-partisan series is designed to establish a forum for frank dialogue, and to help educate and inform policy-makers and practitioners about the benefits and burdens of competing policy options on a pressing public issue. Attendance is by invitation only; conversations are off the record.

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