Rene Flores, Sociology

Taking the Law Into Their Own Hands: The Social Consequences of Anti-Immigrant Ordinances

Wed, 04/10/2013
Noon, 438 Robertson Hall
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Graduate Students

Please join us for a discussion with Rene Flores, graduate student in Sociology, to discuss "Taking the Law Into Their Own Hands: The Social Consequences of Anti-Immigrant Ordinances."

Abstract:  "Within the last few years, anti-immigrant ordinances have proliferated.  Passed by towns and municipalities, these ordinances include fines for employers and landlords of undocumented immigrants, bans on foreign flags, and English-only declarations,. This article assesses the social consequences of these policies using statistical analysis for the case of Pennsylvania, a state where more than 25  communities have legislated against immigrants. Using panel data analysis, I find that the proposal of local anti-immigrant ordinances increased the association of immigrants with criminal behaviors in local newspapers and it also increased local gun sales for the first three years after their proposal. I argue that local anti-immigrant policies contribute to growing anxieties over crime and disorder by increasing the association between immigrants and criminal behaviors triggering self-defensive behaviors such as gun acquisition. These results are replicated using concealed gun permits data from South Carolina."

LEGS, or "Law-Engaged Graduate Students," meets during the academic year to discuss a work in progress by one of our Graduate Associates. Academic papers, dissertation proposals, and dissertation chapters have been presented at these meetings, to an audience of fellow graduate students.