Speaking Their Truths: College Policy-Making, Community Attitudes, and Sexual Harassment at Middlebury College (1983-1989)

Jiya Pandya, History

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 12:00pm
LAPA Conference Room, 348 Wallace Hall
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Graduate Students

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LEGS, or "Law-Engaged Graduate Students," meets during the academic year to discuss a work in progress by one of our Graduate Associates. Academic papers, dissertation proposals, and dissertation chapters have been presented at these meetings, to an audience of fellow graduate students.

Abstract:  "What can a small liberal arts college in Vermont tell us about gender, violence, and law? At the LEGS seminar, I will be presenting excerpts from a work-in-progress on Middlebury College’s first sexual harassment policy from 1984 and subsequent responses to it. Situating Middlebury’s policy within the context of the 1970s and 1980s anti-harassment movement and resulting changes in American sexual harassment law, the original paper uses Middlebury’s archives and those of peer institutions to conduct a comparative analysis of Middlebury’s policy, and includes oral histories I conducted to understand various stakeholders’ responses at the time (administrators, faculty, and students). I hope to begin a conversation with participants about sexual regulation and private university legalism, and to receive feedback on potential broader directions to take this specific material."

Jiya Pandya

Jiya is a first year student in the Department of History. She works on questions of gender-based violence and disability in post-colonial South Asia, and is interested oral history as a key methodology. Her broader interests also include the history of sexuality, public history, diaspora studies, and critical race theory.