LAPA People Directory

LAPA is a large community, as you can see from our complete list below. To find someone in our LAPA group, you look in this alphabetical list and each person's link will take you to her/his page where you can find contact information and more about the person. If you want to look by categories (faculty, graduate student, undergraduate, fellow, visitor etc.), you can sort this list that way. Alternatively, if you want a shortcut to finding a particular person, you can sort alphabetically by letter to get to the right part of this long list more quickly. To find people who were once at LAPA but who have since left, see the People Archive.
Zaid Al-Ali, LAPA Fellow
Orley C. Ashenfelter, Faculty Associate
Matthew A. Axtell, Graduate Associate
Elizabeth Baisley, Graduate Associate
Leora F. Batnitzky, Faculty Associate
Paul Baumgardner, Graduate Associate
Charles R. Beitz, Faculty Associate
Donald S. Bernstein '75, Professional Associate
João Biehl, Faculty Associate
Alison L. Boden, Professional Associate
Jennifer A. Bolton, Administraton
Sarah Brayne, Graduate Associate
Marissa Brodney, Graduate Associate , Liman Fellow
Peter Brooks, Faculty Associate
George L. Bustin '70, LAPA Community Associate
Charles Cameron, Faculty Associate
Vivian Chang, Graduate Associate
Amanda Cheong, Graduate Associate , Liman Fellow
Kathy Chow, Undergraduate Associate
Kameron Collins, Graduate Associate
Peter Conti-Brown, Graduate Associate
Stanley A. Corngold, Faculty Associate
Christina Davis, Faculty Associate
Ryan Dukeman, Liman Fellow
Christopher L. Eisgruber, Faculty Associate , Previous Directors
Cassandra Emmons, Graduate Associate
Daniel R. Ernst , LAPA Fellow
Catherine L. Evans, Graduate Associate
Edward W. Felten, Executive Committee Member , Faculty Associate
Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Faculty Associate
Susan T. Fiske, Faculty Associate
Paul Frymer, Administraton , Executive Committee Member, Faculty Associate
Joaquín García, Liman Fellow
Laura Gault, Graduate Associate , Liman Fellow
Abigail Gellman, Liman Fellow
Robert P. George, Faculty Associate
Leslie E. Gerwin, Administraton , Professional Associate
Maria Maddalena Giungi, Graduate Associate
Carol J. Greenhouse, Executive Committee Member , Faculty Associate
Anjuli Gunaratne, Graduate Associate
Melinda H. Haas, Graduate Associate
Elizabeth Harman, Faculty Associate
Hendrik A. Hartog, Executive Committee Member , Faculty Associate
Tanya K. Hernandez, LAPA Community Associate
David A. Hollander, Professional Associate
Heather Howard, Professional Associate
Brandon Hunter, Graduate Associate
Harold James, Faculty Associate
Rebecca Johnson, Graduate Associate
Sarah Kaiksow, Graduate Associate
Jonathan Kastellec, Faculty Associate
George Kateb, Faculty Associate
Stanley N. Katz, Executive Committee Member , Previous Directors, Faculty Associate
Patricia Kennedy, Professional Associate
Robert O. Keohane, Faculty Associate
Cydney Kim, Liman Fellow
Gillian R. Knapp, Faculty Associate
Dimitry Kochenov , LAPA Fellow
Sarah-Jane Koulen, Graduate Associate
Mirjam Künkler, Faculty Associate
Melissa Lane, Faculty Associate
Dana E. Lee, Graduate Associate
David R. Leheny, Faculty Associate
Darl Lewis, Graduate Associate
Yangyi Li, Liman Fellow
Isabella Litke, Graduate Associate
Lawrence Liu , Liman Fellow
Stephen J. Macedo, Executive Committee Member , Previous Directors, Faculty Associate
Jane Manners, Graduate Associate
Douglas S. Massey, Faculty Associate
Mark Fathi Massoud, LAPA Fellow
Marian Messing ‘11, Liman Fellow
Sophie Meunier, Faculty Associate
Helen V. Milner, Faculty Associate
Sarah E. Milov, Graduate Associate
Andrew Moravcsik, Faculty Associate
Pam Mueller, Graduate Associate
Jan-Werner Müller, Executive Committee Member , Faculty Associate
Sherally Munshi , LAPA Fellow
Andrew Nelson, Liman Fellow
Benjamin Notterman, Graduate Associate
Anna Offit, Graduate Associate
Michael Oppenheimer, Faculty Associate
Serguei Alex. Oushakine, Faculty Associate
Alan W. Patten, Executive Committee Member , Faculty Associate
Tommaso Pavone, Graduate Associate
Maria Perales, Liman Fellow
Imani Perry, Faculty Associate
Philip N. Pettit, Faculty Associate
Tiennhan Phan '12, Liman Fellow
Nancy Pressman-Levy, Professional Associate
Emily Prifogle, Graduate Associate
Emily Pronin, Faculty Associate
Safeeyah Quereshi, Liman Fellow
Lucia M. Rafanelli , Graduate Associate
Kalyani Ramnath, Graduate Associate , Liman Fellow
Judi Rivkin, Administraton
Eleanor Roberts '15, Liman Fellow
Gregory Ellis Rosalsky, Graduate Associate
Gideon A. Rosen, Faculty Associate , Faculty Associate
Lawrence Rosen, Faculty Associate
Cecilia E. Rouse, Faculty Associate
James Sasso, Graduate Associate , Liman Fellow
Kim Lane Scheppele, Executive Committee Member , Previous Directors, Faculty Associate
Katharina Isabel Schmidt, Graduate Associate
Anna Schrimpf, Liman Fellow
Eldar Shafir, Faculty Associate
Sepehr Shahshahani, Graduate Associate
Ronald Joseph Shonkwiler, Graduate Associate
Anthony Sibley, Liman Fellow
Geoffrey T. Sigalet, Graduate Associate
Justin Simeone , Liman Fellow
Vinay Sitapati , Liman Fellow
Sarah Solon , Liman Fellow
Julia Spiegel , Liman Fellow
Paul Starr, Executive Committee Member , Faculty Associate
Martin Sybblis, Graduate Associate
Herve Thomas, Graduate Associate
Ray Thornton, Graduate Associate
Joseph Tsiamoglou, Graduate Associate
Elsa Voytas, Graduate Associate
Samuel S.-H. Wang, Faculty Associate
Shaina Watrous '14, Liman Fellow
Rachel A. Weise, Graduate Associate
Lynn T. White, Faculty Associate
Jennifer A. Widner, Faculty Associate
Bradford P. Wilson, Professional Associate
Mengyi Xu '14, Liman Fellow
Ardevan Yaghoubi, Graduate Associate
Joseph Younger, Graduate Associate
Julian Zelizer, Faculty Associate
Simone Zhang, Graduate Associate
Jessica Zou, Undergraduate Associate , Liman Fellow