People Archive

The following people were once part of LAPA. Their descriptions man not reflect their activities subsequent to their time with us.


Kathryn Abrams , LAPA Fellow , UC Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall)
Alex Acs , Graduate Associates
Robert B. Ahdieh , LAPA Fellow , Emory Law School
Aziza Ahmed , LAPA Fellow , Northeastern University School of Law
Amna Akbar , LAPA Fellow , The Ohio State University
Zaid Al-Ali , LAPA Fellow , International IDEA
Mark Alexander , LAPA Fellow , Seton Hall University Law School
Anita La France Allen , LAPA Fellow , University of Pennsylvania Law School
Adam L. Alter , Graduate Associates
Alfred C. Aman , LAPA Fellow, Guests and Visitors , Indiana University School of Law Bloomington
Kwame Anthony Appiah , Affiliated Faculty
Kathleen Applegate , Administration , Rutgers University School of Law
Saïd Amir Arjomand , LAPA Fellow , State University of New York at Stony Brook
R. Douglas Arnold , Affiliated Faculty
Celeste L. Arrington , LAPA Fellow, Guests and Visitors , George Washington University
Robert L. Ashbaugh , Guests and Visitors
Bernadette Atuahene , LAPA Fellow , Chicago-Kent Law School
Asli Bali , Graduate Associates
Vanessa Barker , LAPA Fellow , Florida State University
Sharon Bassan , Graduate Associates
Carl Baudenbacher , Guests and Visitors
Christopher Beauchamp , LAPA Fellow , University of Pennsylvania Law School
Debbie Becher , Graduate Associates
Jeannine Bell , LAPA Fellow , Indiana University Maurer School of Law
Yael Berda , Graduate Associates
Paul Schiff Berman , LAPA Fellow , Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law Arizona State University
Sandra L. Bermann , Affiliated Faculty
Donald S. Bernstein '75 , Guests and Visitors
Will Beuttenmuller , Undergraduate Associate
Kenneth S. Blazejewski , Graduate Associates
Susanna L. Blumenthal , LAPA Fellow , University of Minnesota
Philip Bobbitt '71 , Affiliated Faculty
Jennifer A. Bolton , Administration
John W. Borneman , Affiliated Faculty
John Borrows , Guests and Visitors
Linda Bosniak , LAPA Fellow , Rutgers Schools of Law
Mark Brandon , LAPA Fellow , Vanderbilt University
Richard Briffault , LAPA Fellow , Columbia Law School
Marissa Brodney , Graduate Associates
Peter Brooks , Affiliated Faculty
Barbara Buckinx , Graduate Associates
Christina D. Burnett , Guests and Visitors
D. Graham Burnett , Affiliated Faculty
Arudra V. Burra , Graduate Associates
George L. Bustin '70 , Guests and Visitors
Jay Butler , LAPA Fellow , William & Mary Law School
Felipe Cala , Graduate Associates
Richard P. Caldarone , Graduate Associates
Margot Canaday , Affiliated Faculty
Mary Anne Case , LAPA Fellow , University of Chicago