People Archive

Margot Canaday , Affiliated Faculty
Mary Anne Case , LAPA Fellow , University of Chicago
Miguel A. Centeno , Affiliated Faculty
Steven Chanenson , LAPA Fellow , Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law
Ronald Chatters, III , Graduate Associates
Kathy Chow , Undergraduate Associate
Thomas S. Clark , Graduate Associates
Heather N. Collister , Graduate Associates
Kellam M. Conover , Graduate Associates
Marianne Constable , Guests and Visitors
John M. Cooper , Affiliated Faculty
Tom Dannenbaum , Graduate Associates
Wolfgang F. Danspeckgruber , Affiliated Faculty
John M. Darley , Affiliated Faculty
Colin Dayan , LAPA Fellow , Vanderbilt University
Cornelia Dayton , LAPA Fellow , University of Connecticut
Rohit De , Graduate Associates
John de Figueiredo , LAPA Fellow , UCLA Anderson School of Management
Laura Dickinson , LAPA Fellow , Center for Law and Global Affairs, Sandrat Day O'Connor College of Law, Arizona State University
Paul J. DiMaggio , Affiliated Faculty
Mary Dudziak , LAPA Fellow , Emory University School of Law
Jeffrey L. Dunoff , LAPA Fellow , Temple University Beasley School of Law
Jessica M. Eaglin , LAPA Fellow , Indiana University Maurer School of Law
David L. Eng , Guests and Visitors
Daniel R. Ernst , LAPA Fellow , Georgetown University Law Center
Nick Feamster , Affiliated Faculty
Malcolm Feeley , LAPA Fellow , UC Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall)
Martin Flaherty , LAPA Fellow , International Human Rights at Fordham Law School in New York
Jessica Flanigan , Graduate Associates
James Fleming , LAPA Fellow , Boston University School of Law
William E. Forbath , LAPA Fellow , University of Texas at Austin
Katherine Franke , LAPA Fellow , Columbia Law School
Aaron L. Friedberg , Affiliated Faculty
Ariel Futter , Undergraduate Associate
Peter Galbraith , Guests and Visitors
Laura Gault , Graduate Associates
Oliver H. Gerstenberg , LAPA Fellow , Center for International Governance, School of Law, Leeds University, England
Leslie E. Gerwin , Administration
Myriam Gilles , LAPA Fellow , Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
David M. Glick , Graduate Associates
Gwendolyn Gordon , Graduate Associates
Sarah Barringer Gordon , LAPA Fellow , University of Pennsylvania Law School
Paul Gowder , Guests and Visitors
Cody Gray , Graduate Associates
Jessica F. Green , Graduate Associates
Amber Willene Greene , Graduate Associates
Carol J. Greenhouse , Executive Committee, Affiliated Faculty
Carol J. Greenhouse , Executive Committee, Affiliated Faculty
Dieter Grimm , Guests and Visitors
Oren Gross , Guests and Visitors