People Archive

Serguei Alex. Oushakine , Affiliated Faculty
Devah Pager , Executive Committee, Affiliated Faculty
Devah Pager , Executive Committee, Affiliated Faculty
John Palmer , Graduate Associates
Kahyun Park , Undergraduate Associate
Kunal Parker , LAPA Fellow , University of Miami School of Law
Andrea Pasinetti , Undergraduate Associate
Christina H. Paxson , Executive Committee
Deborah Pearlstein , Guests and Visitors
Ingolf Pernice , LAPA Fellow , Humboldt University of Berlin
Nathaniel Persily , LAPA Fellow , Columbia Law School
Michelle Phelps , Graduate Associates
Jennifer G. Pitts , Affiliated Faculty
Thomas Poole , Guests and Visitors
Ralf Poscher , Guests and Visitors
Nancy Pressman-Levy , Guests and Visitors
Wilfrid Prest , LAPA Fellow , University of Adelaide
Melynda Price , LAPA Fellow , University of Kentucky College of Law
Emily Prifogle , Graduate Associates
Linda Przybyszewski , LAPA Fellow , University of Notre Dame, Department of History
Intisar Rabb , Graduate Associates
David Rabban , LAPA Fellow , University of Texas School of Law
Margaret Jane Radin , LAPA Fellow , Stanford Law School
Bhavani Raman , Affiliated Faculty
Kalyani Ramnath , Graduate Associates
Kal Raustiala , LAPA Fellow , UCLA Law School
Judi Rivkin , Administration
Rebecca A. Rix , Affiliated Faculty
Camille Robcis , LAPA Fellow , Cornell University
Gregory Ellis Rosalsky , Graduate Associates
Bertrall Ross , LAPA Fellow , University of California, Berkeley School of Law
Michael Rothschild , Affiliated Faculty
Jesse M. Rothstein , Affiliated Faculty
Cecilia E. Rouse , Executive Committee, Ex Officio, Affiliated Faculty
Ruth Rubio Marin , LAPA Fellow , University of Sevilla
David Rudenstine , LAPA Fellow , Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University
Alexander I. Ruder , Graduate Associates
Teemu Ruskola , LAPA Fellow , Emory University School of Law
Eli M. Salzberger , LAPA Fellow , University of Haifa
Carol Sanger , LAPA Fellow , Columbia Law School
Sarah Schindler , LAPA Fellow , University of Maine School of Law
Michael Schlossman , Graduate Associates
Cynthia A. Schoeneck , Administration
Thomas J. G. Scott , Graduate Associates
Anthony J. Sebok , LAPA Fellow , Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Gil Seinfeld , LAPA Fellow , The University of Michigan Law School
Elizabeth Sepper , LAPA Fellow , Washington University School of Law
Yüksel Sezgin , LAPA Fellow , Syracuse University
Ayelet Shachar , Guests and Visitors , The Max Planck Institute for the Study of Ethnic and Religious Diversity
Tamsin K. Shaw , Affiliated Faculty