People Archive

Ronald Joseph Shonkwiler , Graduate Associates
AJ Sibley , Undergraduate Associate
Paul E. Sigmund , Affiliated Faculty
Lee M. Silver , Affiliated Faculty
Gordon Silverstein , LAPA Fellow , University of California, Berkeley
Bradley Simpson , Affiliated Faculty
Peter Singer , Affiliated Faculty
Anne-Marie Slaughter , Executive Committee, Affiliated Faculty
Anne-Marie Slaughter , Executive Committee, Affiliated Faculty
Leanne Smith , Graduate Associates
Valerie Smith , Affiliated Faculty
Lawrence M. Solan , Guests and Visitors
Alexander Somek , LAPA Fellow
Avani Mehta Sood , Graduate Associates
Jim Staihar , LAPA Fellow , University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business
M. Christine Stansell , Affiliated Faculty
Nicos E. Stavropoulos , LAPA Fellow , University of Oxford and Fellow of Mansfield College
Logan Strother , Guests and Visitors
Rahul Subramanian , Undergraduate Associate
David Sugarman , LAPA Fellow , Law School of Lancaster University, England
Julie Chi-Hye Suk , LAPA Fellow , Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University
Neel U. Sukhatme , Graduate Associates
Ezra N. Suleiman , Affiliated Faculty
Barry Sullivan , Guests and Visitors
Kathleen Sullivan , Affiliated Faculty
Winnifred F. Sullivan , Guests and Visitors
Martin Sybblis , Graduate Associates
Emerson J. Sykes , Graduate Associates
Bart Szewczyk , Graduate Associates
Melike (Mel) Tokatlioglu , Undergraduate Associate
Jessica Luce Trounstine , Affiliated Faculty
Evaline Tsai , Undergraduate Associate
Tom Tyler , LAPA Fellow , New York University, Department of Psychology
Wibren van der Burg , Guests and Visitors
Andreas von Staden , Graduate Associates
Philip Wallach , Graduate Associates
Scott Leon Washington , Graduate Associates
Laura M. Weinrib , Graduate Associates
Rachel A. Weise , Graduate Associates
Phil Weiser , LAPA Fellow , University of Colorado Law School
Lynn T. White , Affiliated Faculty
James Q. Whitman , LAPA Fellow , Yale Law School
David S. Wilcove , Affiliated Faculty
Steven Wilf , LAPA Fellow , University of Connecticut
Jill Wilkowski , Undergraduate Associate
James Lindley Wilson , Graduate Associates
Kevin M. Woodson , Graduate Associates
Mengyi Xu , Undergraduate Associate
Mengyi Xu '14 , Administration
Nurfadzilah Yahaya , Graduate Associates