Albert H. Yoon


Former Fellow, 2003-2004

Home Institution, Northwestern University

LAPA Fellow, 2003-2004

LAPA Fellow

 Northwestern University School of Law, 357 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611-3069

 Curriculum Vitae



While at LAPA
Albert H. Yoon is an Assistant Professor of Law at Northwestern University. His research interests include Tort Reform, Corporate and Securities Law, Federal Judicial Structure, and the role of Political Parties in Federalism. He received a B.A. from Yale University, and a J.D. and a PhD. in Political Science from Stanford University. After clerking for Judge R. Guy Cole, he was a Robert Wood Johnson Fellow at the University of California at Berkeley. Yoon's recent articles include "Mandatory Arbitration and Civil Litigation: An Empirical Study of Medical Malpractice Litigation in the West" (in the American Law and Economics Review) and "Love's Labor's Lost: Judicial Tenure Among Lower Federal Court Judges, 1945-2000" (in the California Law Review). While at Princeton, he will be completing a book-length empirical study that analyzes tort reform from the perspectives of law, economics, and political science.
"Offer-of-Judgment Rules and Civil Litigation: An Empirical Study of Automobile Insurance Litigation in the East,"Vanderbilt Law Review (2006).

"Pensions, Politics, and Judicial Tenure: An Empirical Study of Federal Judges, 1869-2002," American Law and Economics Review (2006).

"Does Frye or Daubert Matter? A Study of Scientific Admissibility Standards," Virginia Law Review (2005).

"As You Like It: Senior Federal Judges and the Political Economy of Judicial Tenure," Journal of Empirical Legal Studies (2005).