Anjuli Gunaratne


Graduate student

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Anjuli Gunaratne studies postcolonial literature and theory, international law, human rights, and forms of anticolonial sovereignty. Her dissertation, titled Tragic Resistance: Postcolonial Sovereignty and International Law,explores the representation of decolonization as tragedy in postcolonial literature. Looking at the relationship between the postcolonial turn to the tragic and the rise of humanitarianism in international law, Tragic Resistance argues that instead of simply lamenting the so-called “failure” of decolonization, tragic thought and performance in postcolonial dramatic works, cinema, poetry, and novels critique legally-granted independence by questioning the founding principles of global democracy. Her work puts Francophone and Anglophone writers into conversation, exploring their diverse engagements with International Law pertaining to state sovereignty. Anjuli is a recipient of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Fellowship awarded by Princeton’s Council of the Humanities. She is currently a Writing Fellow at the Princeton Writing Program.