Anthony Kyriakakis


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After receiving a bachelor’s degree from Yale and a law degree from Harvard, Anthony clerked for Judge Julio Fuentes of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Anthony spent the last seven years as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn and in Philadelphia, where he prosecuted more than 100 cases involving fraud, embezzlement, narcotics, child exploitation, robbery and many other offenses. During that time, Anthony received awards for his work as a prosecutor from the Department of Health & Human Services, the Department of Justice, the Defense Criminal Investigative Service and the United States Postal Inspection Service. This year, in addition to joining LAPA as a Fellow Traveler, Anthony is teaching a course on sentencing at the Temple Law School and is serving as a Fellow at Temple’s Center for Health Law, Policy and Practice and at the Sheller Center for Social Justice. Anthony’s primary research interests relate to health law, sentencing, technology and privacy. He is currently working on an article about the victimization of health care patients in cases of health care fraud. Anthony lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two children.