People Archive

The LAPA people archive lists individuals who were once a part of LAPA but who have moved on to other opportunities. Former faculty, fellows, students, visitors and LAPA staff are listed here. Each person's link will take you to his or her archived page. Archived pages are no longer updated, except for the pages of former fellows.
Alex Acs , Graduate Associate
Robert B. Ahdieh, LAPA Fellow
Zaid Al-Ali, LAPA Fellow
Mark Alexander, LAPA Fellow
Anita La France Allen, LAPA Fellow
Adam L. Alter, Graduate Associate
Alfred C. Aman, LAPA Fellow , Visiting Scholar
Kwame Anthony Appiah, Faculty Associate
Kathleen Applegate, Administraton
Saïd Amir Arjomand, LAPA Fellow
R. Douglas Arnold, Faculty Associate
Valerie Atkins '07, Liman Fellow
Bernadette Atuahene, LAPA Fellow
Asli Bali, Graduate Associate
Vanessa Barker, LAPA Fellow
Gary J. Bass, Faculty Associate
Carl Baudenbacher, Distinguished Guest
Christopher Beauchamp, LAPA Fellow
Debbie Becher, Graduate Associate
Deborah Becher , Liman Fellow
Jeannine Bell, LAPA Fellow
Yael Berda, Graduate Associate
Tiffany Bergin , Liman Fellow
Paul Schiff Berman, LAPA Fellow
Sandra L. Bermann, Faculty Associate
Will Beuttenmuller, Undergraduate Associate
Kenneth S. Blazejewski, Graduate Associate
Susanna Blumenthal, LAPA Fellow
Philip Bobbitt '71, Faculty Associate
John W. Borneman, Faculty Associate
John Borrows, Visitor
Linda Bosniak, LAPA Fellow
Benjamin Brady '07, Liman Fellow
Mark Brandon, LAPA Fellow
Richard Briffault, LAPA Fellow
Barbara Buckinx, Graduate Associate
Christina D. Burnett, Visiting Scholar
D. Graham Burnett, Faculty Associate
Arudra V. Burra, Graduate Associate
Felipe Cala, Graduate Associate , Liman Fellow
Richard P. Caldarone, Graduate Associate
Margot Canaday, Faculty Associate
Mary Anne Case, LAPA Fellow
Miguel A. Centeno, Faculty Associate
Veneka Chagwedera ’09 , Liman Fellow
Ronald Chatters, III, Graduate Associate , Liman Fellow
David Christie ’10 , Liman Fellow
Thomas S. Clark, Graduate Associate
Heather N. Collister, Graduate Associate
Kellam M. Conover, Graduate Associate
John M. Cooper, Faculty Associate
Martin Crane '65, Professional Associate
Tom Dannenbaum, Graduate Associate
Wolfgang F. Danspeckgruber, Faculty Associate
John M. Darley, Faculty Associate
Colin Joan Dayan, LAPA Fellow
Rohit De, Graduate Associate
John de Figueiredo, LAPA Fellow
Laura Dickinson, LAPA Fellow
Paul J. DiMaggio, Faculty Associate
Rush Doshi ’11 , Liman Fellow
Mary Dudziak, LAPA Fellow
Jeffrey L. Dunoff, LAPA Fellow
Ryan Ebanks ’09, Liman Fellow
Ashley Eberhart ’13, Liman Fellow
Mickey Edwards, Professional Associate
David L. Eng, Visitor
Daniel R. Ernst , LAPA Fellow
Malcolm Feeley, LAPA Fellow
Edward W. Felten, Executive Committee Member , Faculty Associate
Martin Flaherty, LAPA Fellow
Jessica Flanigan, Graduate Associate
Katherine Franke, LAPA Fellow
Aaron L. Friedberg, Faculty Associate
Ariel Futter, Undergraduate Associate
Ariel Futter '15, Liman Fellow
Peter Galbraith, Distinguished Guest
Oliver H. Gerstenberg, LAPA Fellow
Myriam Gilles, LAPA Fellow
David M. Glick, Graduate Associate
Gwendolyn Gordon, Graduate Associate
Sarah Barringer Gordon, LAPA Fellow
Paul Gowder, LAPA Community Associate
Cody Gray , Liman Fellow , Graduate Associate
Jessica F. Green, Graduate Associate
Amber Willene Greene, Graduate Associate
Stephanie Greenwood , Liman Fellow
Dieter Grimm, Distinguished Guest
Sierra Gronewold ’11, Liman Fellow
Oren Gross, Visiting Scholar
Jonathan Hafetz, LAPA Fellow
Emilie M. Hafner-Burton, Faculty Associate
Christina J. Hajdu, Graduate Associate
Gabor Halmai, LAPA Community Associate
Marci A. Hamilton, LAPA Fellow
Jeffrey S. Hardy, Graduate Associate
Morgan G. Harper, Graduate Associate
Sara Nephew Hassani, Graduate Associate
Carol A. Heimer, LAPA Fellow
Larry Helfer, LAPA Fellow
Daniel Heller-Roazen, Faculty Associate
Kathryn Hendley, LAPA Fellow
Michael E. Herz, LAPA Fellow
Ruth Herz, Visitor
Walter H. Hinderer, Faculty Associate
Ran Hirschl, LAPA Fellow
Alisha Holland '07, Liman Fellow
Sara Holloway '06, Liman Fellow
Duncan Hosie , Liman Fellow
Rob Hunter, Graduate Associate
G. John Ikenberry, Faculty Associate
Krisia Ildefonso '12, Liman Fellow
Elizabeth Ingriselli, Undergraduate Associate
Turkuler Isiksel, LAPA Fellow
Sarah Islam , Liman Fellow
Shawon Jackson '15, Liman Fellow
Beth Kiyoko Jamieson, Faculty Associate
Mark Zaichen Jia ‘10, Liman Fellow
Caroline Jo, Undergraduate Associate
William Chester Jordan, Faculty Associate
Lewis Kaden, Professional Associate
Daniel Kang, Undergraduate Associate
Susan Karr, LAPA Fellow
Jonathan G. Kaufman, Graduate Associate
R. Daniel Kelemen, LAPA Fellow
Chris A. Kendall, Graduate Associate
Nannerl O. Keohane, Faculty Associate
Kenneth I. Kersch, Faculty Associate
Anna Kirkland, LAPA Fellow
Maciej Kisilowski, Graduate Associate
Dimitry Kochenov , LAPA Fellow
Lawrence Kornreich ‘09, Liman Fellow
Kevin M. Kruse, Faculty Associate
Yu-Chi Lyra Kuo, Graduate Associate
Daniel LaChance, LAPA Fellow
Kelly Lack, Undergraduate Associate
Kelly Lack ‘10, Liman Fellow
Kai Laidlaw, Administraton
David S. Law, LAPA Fellow
Amy Lerman, Faculty Associate
Philip Levitz, Undergraduate Associate
Karen Levy , Liman Fellow
Karen E. Levy, Graduate Associate
David E. Lewis, Faculty Associate
Yahui Liang, Liman Fellow
David Lieberman, LAPA Fellow
Jutta Limbach, Distinguished Guest
Peter L. Lindseth, LAPA Fellow
Harry Litman, Visitor , LAPA Fellow
Martin Loughlin, LAPA Fellow
Jessica K. Lowe, Graduate Associate
Jason M. Lyall, Faculty Associate
Jesse Madigan, Undergraduate Associate
Elizabeth Magill, LAPA Fellow
Evan Magruder '07, Liman Fellow
Tayyab Mahmud, LAPA Fellow
George Maliha, Undergraduate Associate
George Maliha '13, Liman Fellow
[node:field-firstname] Mallard, Graduate Associate
Chibli Mallat, LAPA Fellow
Mark Adam Marge, Graduate Associate
Daniel I. Mark, Graduate Associate
Sebastian Marotta, Undergraduate Associate
Clayton K. Marsh, Faculty Associate
Mark Fathi Massoud, LAPA Fellow
Nancy Maveety, Visiting Scholar
Jamie Mayerfeld, Visitor
Michael McCann, LAPA Fellow
Candace McCoy, LAPA Community Associate
Michelle A. McKinley, LAPA Fellow
Janet McLean, Visitor
Tali Mendelberg, Faculty Associate
Elizabeth Mertz, LAPA Fellow
Bernadette Meyler, LAPA Fellow
Ralf Michaels, LAPA Fellow
Lisa L. Miller, LAPA Fellow
Noga Morag-Levine, LAPA Fellow
Maribel Morey, Graduate Associate
Tamir Moustafa, LAPA Fellow
Sherally Munshi , LAPA Fellow
Christina Murray, LAPA Fellow
Michael Murray '06, Liman Fellow
Charles Myers, Professional Associate
Katherine S. Newman, Faculty Associate
Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, LAPA Fellow
Georg Nolte, LAPA Fellow
Aidan O'Neill, LAPA Fellow
Diane Orentlicher, LAPA Fellow
Arzoo Osanloo, LAPA Fellow
Serguei Alex. Oushakine, Faculty Associate
Devah Pager, Executive Committee Member , Faculty Associate
Sarah Paige ’11, Liman Fellow
John Palmer, Graduate Associate
Kahyun Park, Undergraduate Associate
Andrea Pasinetti, Undergraduate Associate
Christina H. Paxson, Executive Committee Member
Laura Pedersen '12 , Liman Fellow
Ingolf Pernice, LAPA Fellow
Nathaniel Persily, LAPA Fellow
Michelle Phelps, Graduate Associate , Liman Fellow
Jennifer G. Pitts, Faculty Associate
Thomas Poole, Visitor
Ralf Poscher, Visitor
Wilfrid Prest, LAPA Fellow
Linda Przybyszewski, LAPA Fellow
Intisar Rabb, Graduate Associate
Margaret Jane Radin, LAPA Fellow
Bhavani Raman, Faculty Associate
Kal Raustiala, LAPA Fellow
Amelia Rawls '07, Liman Fellow
Susan Reid , Liman Fellow
Rebecca A. Rix, Faculty Associate
Camille Robcis, LAPA Fellow
Vanessa Rodriguez ’09 , Liman Fellow
Gregory Ellis Rosalsky, Graduate Associate
Bertrall Ross, LAPA Fellow
Michael Rothschild, Faculty Associate
Jesse M. Rothstein, Faculty Associate
Ruth Rubio Marin, LAPA Fellow
David Rudenstine, LAPA Fellow
Alexander I. Ruder, Graduate Associate
Teemu Ruskola, LAPA Fellow
Eli M. Salzberger, LAPA Fellow
Carol Sanger, LAPA Fellow
Michael Schlossman, Graduate Associate
Cynthia A. Schoeneck, Administraton
Lorraine A. Sciarra, Professional Associate
Thomas J. G. Scott, Graduate Associate
Thomas J.G. Scott , Liman Fellow
Anthony J. Sebok, LAPA Fellow
Gil Seinfeld, LAPA Fellow
Ayelet Shachar, Visiting Scholar
Tamsin K. Shaw, Faculty Associate
AJ Sibley, Undergraduate Associate
Zayn Siddique '11, Liman Fellow
Paul E. Sigmund, Faculty Associate
Lee M. Silver, Faculty Associate
Gordon Silverstein, LAPA Fellow
Bradley Simpson, Faculty Associate
Peter Singer, Faculty Associate
Anne-Marie Slaughter, Executive Committee Member , Faculty Associate
Leanne Smith, Graduate Associate
Valerie Smith, Faculty Associate
Diane Snyder, Professional Associate
Alexander Somek, LAPA Fellow
Avani Mehta Sood, Graduate Associate
Jim Staihar, LAPA Fellow
M. Christine Stansell, Faculty Associate
Nicos E. Stavropoulos, LAPA Fellow
Eric Stern '11 , Liman Fellow
Rahul Subramanian, Undergraduate Associate
David Sugarman, LAPA Fellow
Julie Chi-Hye Suk, LAPA Fellow
Neel U. Sukhatme, Graduate Associate
Ezra N. Suleiman, Faculty Associate
Barry Sullivan, Visitor
Kathleen Sullivan, Faculty Associate
Emerson J. Sykes, Graduate Associate
Bart Szewczyk, Graduate Associate
Melike (Mel) Tokatlioglu, Undergraduate Associate
Jessica Luce Trounstine, Faculty Associate
Evaline Tsai, Undergraduate Associate
Tom Tyler, LAPA Fellow
Andreas von Staden, Graduate Associate
Philip Wallach, Graduate Associate
Scott Leon Washington, Graduate Associate
Laura M. Weinrib, Graduate Associate
Phil Weiser, LAPA Fellow
James Q. Whitman, LAPA Fellow
Keith E. Whittington, Faculty Associate
David S. Wilcove, Faculty Associate
Steven Wilf, LAPA Fellow
Jill Wilkowski, Undergraduate Associate
James Lindley Wilson, Graduate Associate
Kevin Woodson, Liman Fellow
Kevin M. Woodson, Graduate Associate
Mengyi Xu, Undergraduate Associate
Nurfadzilah Yahaya, Graduate Associate
Pauline Yeung, Undergraduate Associate
Albert H. Yoon, LAPA Fellow
Jesse Young, Undergraduate Associate
Emily Zackin, Graduate Associate
Noah Zatz, LAPA Fellow
Viviana A. Zelizer, Faculty Associate
Alicia Yue Zeng ’12 , Liman Fellow