Carol Sanger


Former Fellow, 2003-2004

Home Institution, Columbia Law School

LAPA Fellow, 2003-2004

LAPA Fellow

 Jerome Greene Hall, Rm. 818, mailbox D-13, New York NY 10027

 Curriculum Vitae


While at LAPA
Carol Sanger is the Barbara Aronstein Black Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. She teaches and writes in several fields, including Contracts, Family Law, and Feminist Jurisprudence. She earned her A.B. from Wellesley College and her J.D. from the University of Michigan. She received the Columbia University Presidential Teaching Award in 2001. She has chaired the Association of American Law Schools' Sections on Family Law, Immigration Law, and (most recently) Contracts. Sanger is a co-editor (with E. Allen Farnsworth and William Young) of Cases and Materials on Contracts (6th ed. 2001). She has published many book chapters and articles, including "Placing the Adoptive Self" (in Nomos XLIV) and "Separating from Children" (in the Columbia Law Review). While at Princeton, she will write a book that examines how maternal decisions to separate voluntarily from children are regarded as a matter of cultural inquiry and as a matter of law.

Life after LAPA

"Gender and Rights" (with Deborah Rhode, eds.) The International Library of Essays in Law and Legal Theory, Second Series (Ashgate/Dartmouth, 2005).

Family Law Stories (Foundation Press, forthcoming 2007) (fifteen newly commissioned essays on the back stories of significant state and federal Family Law cases).

"Developing Markets in Baby-Making: In the Matter of Baby M," 29 Harvard J. Law & Gender 2007; reprinted in Contract Law Stories (Douglas Baird, ed., Foundation Press, 2007)

"Infant Safe Haven Laws: Legislating in the Culture of Life," 100 Columbia Law Review 101 (2006).

"A Case for Civil Marriage," 27 Cardozo Law Review 1311 (2006)