Edward W. Felten

Professor of Computer Science and Public Affairs

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 302 Sherrerd Hall

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His research interests include computer security and privacy, especially relating to media and consumer products; and technology law and policy. He has published about eighty papers in the research literature, and two books. His research on topics such as web security, copyright and copy protection, and electronic voting has been covered extensively in the popular press. His weblog, at http://www.freedom-to-tinker.com, is widely read for its commentary on technology, law, and policy. He was the lead computer science expert witness for the Department of Justice in the Microsoft antitrust case, and he has testified in other important lawsuits. He has testified before the Senate Commerce Committee on digital television technology and regulation, and before the House Administration Committee on electronic voting. In 2004, Scientific American named him to its list of fifty worldwide science and technology leaders.