Faculty Associate

Emily Pronin

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School

2-S-6 Green Hall
phone: 609-258-8008; fax: 609-258-1113

Emily Pronin is Assistant Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs at Princeton. Much of her research concerns asymmetries and biases in the way people perceive themselves versus others, with a focus on how these can foster misunderstanding and conflict. Examples of such asymmetries include the tendency for people to perceive bias in others' judgments — while adhering to a strong belief in the objectivity of their own judgments. She also examines people's beliefs about the importance of considering others' motives and intentions in assessing their actions, and people's beliefs about the role of free will in guiding their own and others' behavior. Her work has been published in Psychological Science, Psychological Review, and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. She is a contributor to the Situationist, a forum associated with the Project on Law and Mind Sciences at Harvard Law School, for examining, debating, and promoting the lessons of social psychology as they relate to legal theory and social policy. She received her PhD from Stanford University.