Geoffrey T. Sigalet

Politics, Ph.D. candidate

Graduate Associates

 130 Corwin Hall



Geoff Sigalet is a Lecturer and Fellow at Stanford University's Constitutional Law Center for the 2017-18 academic year. He is also a PhD. candidate in Public Law and Political Theory in the Princeton department of Politics and expect to defend his dissertation in the Fall of 2017.

Geoff's dissertation focuses on developing a neo-republican theory of 'dialogical' or "weak" judicial review and constitutional interpretation.  In addition, he maintains a keen research interest in the History of Political Thought and serves as an Associate Editor of Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy.

Before coming to Princeton Geoff earned his MA from McGill University (2011), writing his thesis on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics and Politics under the supervision of Prof. Christina Tarnopolsky.  At McGill he was a fellow of the McGill Research Group on Constitutional Studies.  Geoff earned his BA (Hons) in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Alberta (2009).