James Fleming

Visiting Research Scholar
LAPA/Crane Fellow

Home Institution, Boston University School of Law

LAPA Fellow, 2016-2017

LAPA Fellow

 411 Robertson Hall



James E. Fleming *88 is The Honorable Paul J. Liacos Professor of Law at Boston University School of Law, where he teaches courses in constitutional law, jurisprudence, torts, and remedies. He is author or co-author of several books, including most recently Fidelity to Our Imperfect Constitution: For Moral Readings and Against Originalisms(2015); Ordered Liberty: Rights, Responsibilities, and Virtues (2015) (with Linda C. McClain) and American Constitutional Interpretation (5th ed., 2014) (with the late Walter F. Murphy and Stephen Macedo of Princeton University and Sotirios Barber). Fleming is the newly-elected president of the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy. He previously served as editor for four volumes of Nomos, the annual book of the Society. He received a Ph.D. in Politics from Princeton University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School after earning his A.B. at University of Missouri. Before becoming a law professor, he spent five years as a litigator. He also spent a year as a Faculty Fellow in Ethics in the Harvard University Center for Ethics and the Professions (now the Safra Center). At Princeton, he will work on a book on contemporary controversies over law and morality, focusing on the appropriate scope of the enforcement and promotion of morals and public values.