Katherine Franke


Former Fellow, 2006-2007

Home Institution, Columbia Law School

LAPA Fellow, 2006-2007

LAPA Fellow

 Curriculum Vitae




Katherine M. Franke is Professor of Law and the Director of the Center for the Study of Law and Culture at Columbia Law School. Her scholarship is interdisciplinary in nature, seeking to explore the significance of legal subjectivity and consciousness in light of insights drawn from ethnographic, historical and literary studies. She has recently completed a book entitled Subjects of Freedom which maps the contours of rights-acquisition for recently emancipated Black people in the immediate post-bellum period in the U.S. Other writings have addressed issues of sexual harassment, sexuality as governance, and law and identity more generally. She teaches Feminist Legal Theory, Critical Legal Thought, Law & Culture and Gender Justice. In addition to her work at Columbia she teaches a course in Contemporary Legal Problems at a medium security women's prison and serves on the editorial board of GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies. While at Princeton, she will begin a new project exploring the notion of the human that animates humanitarian projects in sites such as refugee camps in Darfur, freed men and women in civil war "contraband camps" and Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan.
"Gendered Subjects of Transitional Justice," 15 Columbia Journal of Gender and Law 813 (2006).

"The Politics of Same-Sex Marriage Politics," 15 Columbia Journal of Gender and Law 236 (2006).