Lucia M. Rafanelli

Ph.D. Cnadidate, Politics

Graduate Associates

Lucia Rafanelli is a doctoral candidate in the Politics department at Princeton University, specializing in Political Theory. Her main research interests include contemporary political thought; theories of human rights and global justice; philosophy of law; collective agency and collective personhood; and theories of individual rights, especially as they figure in contemporary debates about justice, legitimacy, and freedom.

Rafanelli's dissertation project examines the moral issues raised by attempts to promote a particular conception of justice in a political community other than one's own (where "one" may be a state, an activist network, an NGO, a corporation, or some other entity capable of political action). In it, she engages with literatures on toleration, legitimacy, collective self-determination, global justice, and international relations in order to develop a set of principles to govern this kind of global political activism.

In 2016, Rafanelli received the Princeton University Center for Human Values Graduate Prize Fellowship, providing a full year of support for dissertation writing. Before arriving at Princeton, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude, with distinction in all subjects, from the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University, where she earned a B.A. in Government and Philosophy.



"A Defense of Individualism in the Age of Corporate Rights," The Journal of Political Philosophy, doi:10.1111/jopp.12112 (2017)