Paul Baumgardner

Ph.D. Candidate, Politics

Graduate Associates

Hello! My name is Paul Baumgardner. I am completing a joint Ph.D. in the Department of Politics and the Humanities Council at Princeton University. I will defend my dissertation in the spring of 2020. 

I have teaching and research experience in the areas of American politics and public law. For excellence in teaching, I received the 2018 George Kateb Teaching Award for Best Preceptor within the Department of Politics. My research has appeared or is forthcoming in Presidential Studies Quarterly, Law & Social Inquiry, Journal of Church and State, and Law and History Review. I also recently co-authored a book about interdisciplinarity and university life, titled Keywords; For Further Consideration and Particularly Relevant to Academic Life (Princeton University Press, 2018). Last year, I held a Harold W. Dodds Honorific Fellowship from Princeton University, on the basis of "the Graduate School’s exceptionally high opinion" of my scholarship.

I have served as the organizer for the Public Law Working Group on campus, as well as a graduate associate of the Program in Law and Public Affairs. I also worked as the University Administrative Fellow for the Service & Civic Engagement Steering Committee of the University, where I helped to expand and evaluate service opportunities for students and faculty.

In addition to my time at Princeton, I also have been a doctoral fellow at the American Bar Foundation, a visiting fellow at the Rutgers Law School Institute for Law and Philosophy, and a visiting scholar at the University of Buffalo Law School Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy.