Paul E. Sigmund


Professor of Politics, Emeritus

Affiliated Faculty

 Politics, Corwin Hall





Paul Sigmund specializes in political theory and Latin American politics. He is the author of Nicholas of Cusa and Medieval Political Thought; Natural Law in Political Thought; The Overthrow of Allende and the Politics of Chile 1964-76; Multinationals in Latin America: The Politics of Nationalization; Liberation Theology at the Crossroads: Democracy or Revolution; and The United States and Democracy in Chile; co-author of The Democratic Experience; and The Military Institution in Latin America; editor of The Ideologies of the Developing Nations; Models of Political Change in Latin America; Chile 1973-1998: The Coup and its Consequences; Religious Freedom and Evangelization in Latin America and John Locke, Selected Political Writings; co-editor of Views of America; Poder, Sociedad, y Estado; and The Political Economy of Income Distribution in Mexico; and translator of Alain Rouquie, The Military and the State in Latin America; St. Thomas Aquinas on Ethics and Politics; and The Catholic Concordance by Nicholas of Cusa. He has been a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, and the Institute for Advanced Study, and has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. He is currently working on a collection of interviews with ex-guerrillas in Latin America.