Peter L. Lindseth

Former LAPA Fellow, 2007-2008

Home Institution, University of Connecticut School of Law

LAPA Fellow, 2007-2008

LAPA Fellow

 65 Elizabeth Street<br />Hartford, CT 06105



While at LAPA
Peter Lindseth is Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Law, where he has taught since 2000. His research focuses on the relationship between public law and the nation-state in Western Europe and North America, primarily in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His work has appeared in the Yale Law Journal, the Columbia Law Review, and the University of Toronto Law Journal, among other publications. He holds a B.A., magna cum laude in history, and J.D. from Cornell, and a M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. in European history from Columbia, where he was also Managing Editor of The Columbia Journal of European Law. At Princeton, Lindseth will work on a project comparing European and American debates in public law (particularly constitutional and administrative law, but also aspects of public international law) from the 1870s to the 1930s. His aim is to elaborate a specific historiographical perspective on the relationship of legal, institutional, and social change in the modern nation-state, one that animates much of his recent work. Lindseth's approach echoes elements in structuration theory in sociology and historical institutionalism in political science, combining functional, political, and cultural dimensions, while also touching on issues raised in recent legal-historical discussions of popular constitutionalism and the relationship of law to historical memory.