Robert L. Ashbaugh


Former Deputy Inspector General, Department of Justice

Guests and Visitors


Robert L. Ashbaugh is formerly the Deputy Inspector General for the Department of Justice (DOJ). In that capacity, he provided oversight to the conduct of investigations and program evaluations into fraud, waste, and mismanagement in DOJ (including its components, the FBI, DEA, Marshals Service, INS, and Bureau of Prisons). At the Department of Justice, he also served as the Acting Inspector General for a year. Robert L. Ashbaugh served as the the Assistant Inspector General for Evaluations and Special Reviews at the Department of Homeland Security during the first three years of its existence.

Robert L. Ashbaugh began his legal career as a DOJ trial attorney, conducting civil fraud litigation on a national basis. Currently, his research interests involve immigration authorities and reform; and the structure and management of response planning for incidents of national significance, specifically the draft National Response Framework.