Sharon Bassan

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Values and Public Policy
University Center for Human Values, Woodrow Wilson School's Office of Population Research.

Graduate Associates

 Wallace Hall 261


Sharon Bassan is a bioethicist, with a Ph.D. (Law) and JD. Her research combines a legal-philosophical background; policy-making experience; a global point of view; and a feminist perception. Sharon is interested in issues of health law, policy, and bioethics, particularly in the areas of health rights, reproductive ethics, health markets, global health governance, and global justice. Her Ph.D. dissertation addressed cross-border reproductive markets and possible regulative models, on which she has published several papers. Her current project is “Politics and Ethics in the Regulation of Reproductive Technologies” and her future plans are to develop a theory of global health bioethics.


Book chapters

1.       Sharon Bassan, Can Human Rights Protect Surrogate women in The Cross-Border Market? (forthcoming, Women's Human Rights and the Elimination of Discrimination (M. Jänterä-Jareborg & H. Tigroudja eds., The Hague Academy of International Law, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2016.).


Journal articles

1.      Shulamit Almog, Sharon Bassan, The Politics of Pro and Non Reproduction Policies in Israel, (forthcoming J. Health & Biomedical L., symposium issue, 2018) (W&L Health Law ranking: 14/46). 

2.      Sharon Bassan, Different but Same: A Call for a Joint Pro-Active Regulation of Cross-Border Eggs and Surrogacy Markets, (forthcoming Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine, 2017).

3.      Sharon Bassan, Fair Trade as a Legal Instrument for Regulation of Global Risks in the Reproductive Services Markets 7 EU J. Risk Regulation 750 (2016). (W&L: European Law Ranking #5/38)

4.      Bassan S, Global Health Research PartnershipsShared Responsibility Regulative Model, 16 Am. J. Bioethics 56 (2016). (Georgetown University Bioethics Ranking: #3, IF:6.5)

5.      Sharon Bassan, Shared Responsibility Regulation Model for Cross-Border Reproductive Transactions, 37 Michigan J. Int’l L. 229 (2016). (W&L: Int'l Law Ranking #8/197, IF: 1)

6.      Bassan S, Context Matters! Why Terms of Transaction As Well As Autonomy Should Be Analyzed in the Context of Low Income Countries, 14 Am. J. Bioethics 48 (2014). (Georgetown University Bioethics Ranking: #3)

7.      Bassan, Sharon & Merle A. Michaelsen, Honeymoon, Medical Treatment or Big Business? An Analysis of the Meanings of the Term “Reproductive Tourism” in German and Israeli Public Media Discourses, 8 Phil., Ethics & Hum. in Med. 9 (2013).

8.      Bassan S, Information Concerning the Right to Complain – Another Stage on the Way to Patient Empowerment, 40 The Journal of Medicine and Law 24 (June 2009) [in Hebrew].

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10.  Bassan S, Health Rights and Intellectual Property Rights: Pharmaceutical Companies suing the Government of South Africa in Reaction to “The Medication Act”, 30 The Journal of Medicine and Law, 118 (2004) [in Hebrew].

11.  Bassan S, Future Implications of Germ line Therapy – Moral Aspects, 18 The Journal of Medicine and Law, 23 (2003) [in Hebrew].