Yu-Chi Lyra Kuo

PhD Candidate (ABD) - Princeton University<br />JD Candidate - Harvard Law School

Graduate Associates

Yu-Chi Kuo is a PhD Candidate in Politics and the Joint Program in Political Philosophy.  She is also pursuing a JD at Harvard Law School as a Chayes Fellow and HLS Summer Academic Fellow.  In 2012-2013, Yu-Chi will hold a fellowship from the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard.  Her interests include collective responsibility, punishment, bioethics concerning emerging technologies such as life extension, international criminal law, and theoretical distinctions between tort law and criminal law.  In 2012, Yu-Chi worked in Chambers at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (in Arusha, Tanzania) during its transition to the residual Mechanism for International Tribunals.  During this time, Yu-Chi helped judges draft and finish the judgment convicting the genocidaire Idelphonse Nizeyimana, as well as worked for the Chief of Chambers on the final transfer cases from the Tribunal to the national jurisdiction of Rwanda.  

Yu-Chi holds a B.A. (Phi Beta Kappa) in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania.  She is a recipient of the international Goldman Sachs Global Leader Award, a National Laureate of the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation, and was the founder of the “Students for Human Rights and Democratic Education” conference in partnership with: Penn’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships, the Council of Europe, and associations of American universities and colleges.  Yu-Chi has conducted research on fellowships and grants from Princeton’s University Center for Human Values; the Penn Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism Program; Princeton’s Graduate School of Arts & Sciences; and the Freie Universität Berlin.